To improve education for students of Mexican and Latino decent - To work toward preparing teachers who understand and appreciate the social, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of students and who bring out their strengths and develop their potential. To initiate programs and recommend improvements which will promote opportunities for these students. To bring expertise to bear on the problems of the underachieving students and the drop-out rate. To dramatically increase the percentage of Latino students who finish college.
To advise State and local Boards, Administrators and Faculties - To apply special expertise in meeting the educational problems of Latino communities. To influence educational policy and direction at all levels. To testify on legislation, and, when prudent and necessary, to join in lawsuits. To network with other educational and Latino organizations in areas of mutual concerns.
To provide training and support for Latino Educators - To sponsor workshops and conferences in areas of educational interest. To develop an awareness of opportunities and to encourage leadership among Chicano/Latino educators.
To promote understanding and recognition of cultural differences - To bring to students the traditions, the language, and the sensitivity of Mexican and Latino cultures. To interpret to the Latino community the functions and the role of the school, and of the community to the schools. To promote better understanding among the citizenry concerning the educational needs of students of Mexican and Latino backgrounds.