About AMAE

Goals - To improve education for students of Mexican and Latino decent. To advise State and local Boards, Administrators and Faculties. To provide training and support for Latino Educators. To promote understanding and recognition of cultural differences.
Mission - The mission of the Association of Mexican American Educators, Inc. is to insure equal access to a quality education at all levels for the Mexican American/Latino students where cultural and linguistic diversity is recognized and respected.
History - The Association of Mexican American Educators (AMAE) was born in conflict with existing school systems and mode of instruction. The early efforts were directed at countering the inequality of educational opportunity for Mexican American/Latino students.
Creed - Creed of the latino educator.
Bylaws - Association Of Mexican American Educators, Inc. State Of California Bylaws
Resolutions - A list of the resolutions approved by AMAE.
Our Logo - The history of our logo.